TRAVELER'S Company Olive Edition Leather Journal Starter Kit

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This is TRAVELER'S leather cover in olive, a 2017 limited-edition color. A deep green tinged with yellow, olive is sometimes referred to as khaki green in Japan. Since green is often seen as protective coloration in nature, this Traveler's notebook is a good companion when you’re outdoors or out traveling.

Includes a blank MD paper notebook, cloth case, and spare olive rubber band.

TRAVELER'S Company is known for how it makes use of leather’s inherent texture to take on a richer character the more it's used. This characteristic in fact makes it more likely for color and texture to change due to the individual differences in the leather. This time, the aim of Traveler's Company was to achieve the color of old-growth forests that have been spreading their roots since ancient times.

Henry David Thoreau built a log cabin in the forest around Walden Pond and wrote Walden: Or, Life in the Woods as he lived a life of self-sufficiency. Michio Hoshino became captivated by the Alaskan wilderness and took many beautiful photographs before he passed away in Siberia.

There were also Basho and Santoka, who found inspiration for their poems by walking through the woodlands of Japan, and there were Brautigan and Kerouac, who wrote about living in the untamed forests of America’s Big Sur region.

Forests have always given the energy to create new pieces to the many artists who have traveled through them.

With your Olive Edition TRAVELER'S notebook in hand, and with that feeling of a traveler walking through the wilderness of new-to-you lands, we invite you to spend every day as if making a journey.

Have a nice trip with TRAVELER'S!

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