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T-lab Handcarved Wooden Party Hat Tortoise

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Wow we weren't expecting that Refinery29 feature and sold out of this buddy immediately. We have since restocked, but you can still check out our other super cute wood animal figures right here.

This slow and steady tortoise has their party hat on! Made of surprisingly lightweight but durable wood. Part of Kobe Japan based T-Lab's Polé Polé Animal collection.

Each animal is chiseled from fast-growing White Albizia wood and sanded by hand by the artist. Preserving the shape of the original chisel requires considerable proficiency, but it means that each animal holds a unique expression. T-Lab takes care to replant the Albizia wood on their farmland in Indonesia “to give back to the earth as a manufacturer”.

Materials: Albizia Falcata wood
Designer: J. Tanaka 
From: Japan

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