Geografia Altitude of 200 Pages Memo Block Brown

Geografia Altitude of 200 Pages Memo Block Brown

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A solid memo pad with contour lines cut into it. The numbers printed on the paper indicate the number of pages remaining on the pad. The four kinds of pads can be linked together using the contour lines, just like a puzzle. The brown memo block has craft paper with a body to it, the kind that is used for envelopes. 200 sheets.

These memo pads are created using an inline die-cut printing process, where cutting and printing are carried out at the same time, as well as an inline embossing technique, where embossing is carried out in conjunction with printing. The end result is a memo pad with an attractive finish and compelling texture.

geografia is a product series that employs geography, topography and the earth as themes. Their range of products draw on special processing techniques and printing technology methods. They aim to attribute a tangible shape allowing its user to experience information.

Dimensions: 2.95" x 4.33" x 0.6" (75 x 110 x 15mm)
Materials: paper with inline die-cut and inline embossing printing technique.
From: Japan

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