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Join us from Tuesday, March 28th through April 4th, 2023 as we kickoff the USA 2023 Stamp Caravan

It's time to get together with your TRAVELER'S notebook!

This year TRAVELER'S COMPANY is hosting its STAMP CARAVAN event across 14 stores in the US.

This in-person event is a great chance to collect limited edition TRC stamps and ephemera, and meet up with other TRC users.

Free special sticker with purchase of a TRAVELER'S notebook and/or 3 or more refills ~ Limited to first 40 customers!

Commemorate your travels by stamping your TN with over 16 official TRAVELER'S stamps*. New designs have been added!

More details below

a TRAVELER'S blank notebook open with STAMP CARAVAN stamp on it
One of three limited edition stickers available to first 40 qualifying in-store customers
The special stickers shown on full size and passport size TNs
Just some of the TRC stamps that will be available at STAMP CARAVAN USA 2023

*What to expect at the Omoi STAMP CARAVAN Station:
Due to limitations on space in our shop as well as for loss prevention purposes, we keep our stamps behind the counter, available upon request. Because our staff has to mind the stamps, and because we must share these stamps with the other stores on the caravan, we reserve the right to limit use of them. We hope to one day provide a more leisurely and spacious way to enjoy collecting TRAVELER'S COMPANY stamps, and appreciate your cooperation and understanding in the meantime.

1, Omoi Zakka Shop - PA, USA 28th Mar - 4th Apr. 2023
2, The Paper Mouse - MA, USA 28th Mar - 4th Apr. 2023
3, Penny Post - VA, USA 11th - 18th Apr. 2023
4, Yoseka Stationery - NY, USA 12th - 16th Apr. 2023
5, Good Postage - NC, USA 25th Apr - 2nd May. 2023
6, The Paper Seahorse - FL, USA 9th - 16th May. 2023
7, Dromgoole’s Fine Writing - TX, USA 22nd - 27th May. 2023
8, Two Hands Paperie - CO, USA 6th - 13th Jun. 2023
9, St. Louis Art Supply - MO, USA 21st - 25th Jun. 2023
10, FLAX Art & Design (SF) - CA, USA 5th - 11th Jul. 2023
11, M. Lovewell (Santa Ana) - CA, USA 26th - 30th Jul. 2023
12, FLAX Pen to Paper (LA) - CA, USA 1st - 5th Aug. 2023
13, MŌNO LLC - HI, USA 15th - 22nd Aug. 2023
14, Oblation Papers and Press - OR, USA 29th Aug - 5th Sep. 2023

TRAVELER'S COMPANYスタンプキャラバン2023 in USAが始まります!

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