Staff Selects: Boskke Sky Planter

Photo of a sun-filled room with three large windows. Outside trees are covered in snow but inside looks warm and pleasant with a number of large and healthy plants flourishing in the sun.

The Boskke Sky Planter remains a steady seller at the shop here. They're self-watering, lightweight, and come with all the hardware you need to install it–you just need the soil and a plant. We recommend them to anyone, for personal gardens, as a thoughtful housewarming gift, for people with pets that like to destroy houseplants, for people who like to cook with fresh herbs, even for people who don't know a thing about caring for plants.

Almost two years ago I purchased the Medium Sky Planter and gingerly tucked the stubby roots of a spider plant baby from my housemate inside. I hung it up, watched the water indicator stick rise as I filled the top reservoir, and wondered what would happennext. Would it be happy? Would the self-watering clay reservoir really work?

Shots from a sunny room with the medium size Sky Planter housing a very happy spider plant

Well, in a sun-filled room like mine, the spider plant wasted no time getting cozy and spreading out. After it had grown for some months, the housemate who had given me the little baby was amazed to see how big it had gotten and how the shape and color of its leaves differed from the spider plant mother it had come from. On hot summer days it fans out and opens up its leaves. In winter, it stays politely to itself. This spring, it began to grow its own spider babies, which now reach all the way down to the floor. Even the babies have babies now! Currently I'm waiting for them to mature enough so I can pluck them off and give to friends so they can grow their own spider plants. 

The large outdoor Sky Planter in our store window houses an extremely happy ivy plant

What makes the Sky Planter so nice is that you only have to worry about keeping the reservoir filled, and since there's an indicator stick, it's very easy to keep an eye on. This ivy plant that we have in our store window has been so pleased with its self-watering home, that we've had to trim it down several times now to keep from bursting fully out of the pot! 

A picturesque kitchen scene where a sun-filled window can power an indoor hanging herb garden with enough Sky Planters

The fun part of having a Sky Planter is that you don't have to plant a traditional hanging plant inside of it. Each plant grows differently, and that's part of the fun of having one, we say. Some of them hang as they usually would, some of them grow upwards against gravity, and some even grow to look different than the same plant in a normal pot. But don't take our word for it . . .

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