Let's Talk About: Japanese Incense

Let's Talk About: Japanese Incense

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Let's Talk About: Japanese Incense

Those who know already understand, Japanese incense is Nice. Made entirely out of compressed powder, Japanese incense burns clean, with no heavy smoky smell. You'll be surprised when you light your first stick how gentle and true the fragrance is, how it lingers sweetly and doesn't overwhelm the room with a strong burning odor.

The point of Japanese incense is to set the tone of a room's ambiance. Keep a few different kinds at home and see how you feel when you want to decompress after work, when you want to meditate, get work done, party, or have a romantic friend over. Incense burns and creates atmosphere by the way it enters the room, lingers, and slowly fades away. This is different than scented candles, which fill the room more and more with their fragrance as they continue to burn, and fill the room again with a strong smoke when they are extinguished. For those sensitive to strong fragrances, you may find burning incense preferable to burning candles. Not to mention we find it quite nice to simply zone out and watch the delicate smoke rise and dissipate as it burns.

Our favorite incense makers have been in the business for over 400 years, and know a thing or three about craftsmanship. From the quality of oils, the range of fragrances from the most essential to the wonderfully complex, and the very moods they evoke, our selection of incense is not to be overlooked.

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