Let's Talk About: Natural Skincare

Today's post is about skincare, but before we get into that, let me share a little anecdote about hair.

Several years ago, after getting tired of daily washing my hair with drugstore shampoos only to slather styling product back on, I decided to stop using shampoo altogether. Why am I washing it every single day, I asked myself? Many people don't because it's too harsh on their hair, yet the narrow representations put forth by mainstream media would have you believe it's a sin not to lather up daily. I decided I would see for myself. So instead of shampoo, I began using a rounded nib paddle brush to gently massage and distribute the oils my scalp naturally produced. There were about ten days where my hair was especially oily but it only looked like I had styling product in anyway, and then it balanced out. I went from daily shampooing to once or twice monthly rinsing with conditioner. Just for context, my hair texture is dense, straight, and full of cowlicks. I wear my hair super short and have for years because all my life I've been at odds the thick stuff, which poofs out in all directions like a mushroom whenever it's humid (i.e. most of the time, living in Philly). But now that I'm not stripping away what my body produces naturally, my hair is happy, healthy, and lays how I want it.

Now back to skincare. At some point I applied this thinking to my skin and particularly my face, which always seemed too dry or too oily and always breaking out no matter what products and routines I tried. I asked myself, what exactly are these little exfoliating dots in my face wash? What is this artificial fragrance doing for my skin exactly? And most importantly, why am I scrubbing my face raw every night and morning, then mashing moisturizers made of god knows what into my aching skin? Like, no wonder it's always breaking out, right? It's stressed. I'm stressing it out! In a bold move, I decided to stop my old routines and start on a path towards a new skincare regimen that used less scrubbing, less hot water, and more gentle, natural methods. Once I stopped actively stressing my skin out with product, I became more attuned to the natural hormonal fluctuations of my body and how that, combined with environmental stress and mental health, affect my skin and overall wellbeing. It's amazing how things can be so interrelated!


That all said, I've been pretty stoked since we started carrying all-natural skincare lines, Ursa Major and Meow Meow Tweet. Both are small batch makers based in the US, and both are incredibly kind to your skin. Our customers have especially been in love with Ursa Major's shaving cream and face balms, which are made with nourishing essential oils that also smell amazing. And while Meow Meow Tweet is new to the shop, they come with a very loyal following. I just started using their Face Cleanser and can see why––it cleanses without making your face feel raw or too-tight and the natural ingredients like witch hazel, tea tree , and jojoba oils (to name a few) feel surprisingly calming and soothing. Like, the stuff feels good.

Of course, everyone's skin is different, and what you put in your body can affect how your skin feels too, but a nice place to start is with natural skincare, or at the very least less abrasive methods of washing and caring for your skin. Once you stop relying on harsh products and strict routines alone, you may find you listen to the rhythms of your body more and can use more gentle methods. It's nice. 

Shop for your new skincare regimen now.

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