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Midori 2024 Hibino A6 Two-Page-A-Day Planner

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Midori's Hibino planner is a "2 pages per day" format planner with satisfyingly thin notebook paper. Its A6 size makes it easy to carry around, and the highly flexible format of two pages a day allows you to fill in plenty of what you want to write, such as daily events, memos, to-dos, and drawings. 

This format provides space to record one day across a double-page spread, so you can choose to separate your writing into schedules and notes, diary journaling and habit tracking, and so on. Even with a total number of 786 pages, it is a book that does not feel bulky—just cozy!

A gentle  2.5mm grid makes it easy to write illustrations and diagrams on the page. The left page has a 24-hour time axis, weather icons, and moon phases that are easy to use as a life log, and the right page has a convenient dot guide to divide the page evenly.

We also recommend using it like this:

  • Record your days with a fixed layout like a bullet journal
  • As a life log with illustrations and stickers
  • Work schedule + right page as an idea notebook
  • To record your studies (left is a time record, right is a summary of points, etc.)

Monthly Spread
Beginning in December 2023 (for 13 months), the monthly block spread allows you to grasp the schedule at a glance. The 2.5mm grid format lets you write in fine detail. You can also use it as a 5mm square with 4 squares.

Annual Calendar and Future Log
This annual calendar gives you a bird's-eye view of the year, along with a 12-month future log that allows you to write out your plans and goals for each month.

Choose from Blue Green or Camel colorways. 


  • Runs December 2023—January 2025
  • Includes 2023-2024 year at a glance, 2024 future log, monthly and daily spreads, memo pages
  • PVC cover, 2 ribbon bookmarks, thread book binding
  • A6 size measures 6" x 4.5" x 1.1" (154mm × 115mm × 28mm)
  • 768 pages total