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Midori 2024 B6 Weekly Vertical Daylight Planner

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In the times before clocks, our daily routine was dictated by the sun’s trajectory: wake up with the sunrise, eat lunch under the full sun, and fall asleep after sunset. Midori’s Daylight Planner schedules your week the old fashioned way, from dawn to dusk.

Each week is split into 7 appointment-style rows with a vertical pink, white, and blue gradation that corresponds to the rising and setting of the sun on that given day. 24-hour ruled spaces help you keep track of meetings, zoom calls, job interviews, and more. You can schedule an early workout to coincide with a summer sunrise, or pencil in a late night reading session during a long autumn night. The seasonal format allows you to track moon phases and seasonal changes throughout the year. 

We recommend this appointment-style planner if you enjoy scheduling your days with precision but also appreciate the reminder to slow down and watch a sunset every once in a while.

Choose from White or Light Purple colorways.


  • Runs December 2023—January 2025
  • Includes 2024-2025 year-at-a-glance, 2024 year plan, seasonal plan, habit tracker, monthly and weekly vertical spreads, lined rule memo pages
  • Removable vinyl cover, 2 slip pockets, pen holder, 2 ribbon bookmarks
  • B6 size measures 7.4" x 5.2" (188mm x 132mm)
  • 176 pages total

* Note: This is a non-international, Japanese-version planner. Moon phases may be one day ahead of your local time, and, most importantly, it's worth knowing that Japan does not observe Daylight Savings Time. We and our customers find these differences largely unobtrusive in the planner's overall functionality.

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