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Umezawa Cypress Bath Bucket

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Enjoy the relaxing and invigorating fragrance of native Japanese sawara cypress wood. The cypress bath bucket is an iconic object of hot springs and public baths and is meant to scoop up water to douse overhead. The idea is that before stepping into the soothing hot water of the bath itself, one scrubs themself with soap and rinses off clean with the help of the bucket. Cleaning oneself before entering the bath is a method of conserving water. Dousing yourself with a bucketful of hot bath water is relaxing.

The wood is naturally antimicrobial, insulating, and moisture wicking. It gives off a refreshing fragrance naturally, amplified when moistened. But be mindful not to leave it in standing water or store wet items in it.

Measures 4.5" high x 8.75" across.

Other cypress goods sold separately.

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