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Craighill Wilson Enameled Carbon Black Keyring

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A simple and efficient keyring, the inherent strength of the wire creates a secure closure. This keyring will improve your life, if only a little bit.

Manufactured by cutting ⅛” brass wire to length and applying three bends on a hand-operated wire forming machine, the design is so simple that Craighill often describes it as being undesigned. There’s kind of nothing to it, and, perhaps, therein lies the sustained interest. Enamel coating allows you to differentiate between your keys for home, for work, for studio, parents house, keys for guest, and so on.

Measure 2" x 1.25"

Sold individually. Key not included.

Please Note: While the nitrocarburized coating is highly durable (often used to coat automobile parts), it may wear slowly with time, exposing the stainless steel below.

Made in Ohio, finished in Maine and New York. Craighill's Brooklyn based studio aims to create distinct and useful objects for your person and home.

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