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PAPERIAN Round Plan Marker Sticky Notes

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Colorful and modern, these made-in-South Korea mini sticky notes are perfect for writing short to-do lists, leaving messages for your office mates, bookmarking your novel du jour, and more. Pick out a couple in your favorite colors and get to work on your planner- the 80gsm paper is removable, allowing you to rearrange your schedule at any time.  

Each pack includes 30 sheets. 

Choose from 15 different colors, including Flamingo, Watermelon, Coral, Lilac, Lavender, Plum, Powder, Baby Blue, Stone, Oat, Butter, Latte, Sage, Turquoise, Moss. 

  • 80gsm paper 
  • 1.3" (38mm) diameter each 
  • Made in South Korea

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