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Explore the World

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Discover far-flung countries, the highest mountains, the deepest seas, and even outer space with Explore the World. Every explorer is, no matter where their nationality or time period, had in common a curiosity for the unknown. Across hundreds of years, explorers have drawn maps and gathered expansive knowledge of geography, climate, flora and fauna of our world. This illustrated compendium gathers the expeditions that shaped the world we are now living in, a world that is still changing to this day.

Explore the World features a variety of explorers, from Europeans searching for new trade routes to Polynesians exploring the many islands in the South Pacific. Sail with the vikings, meet the sherpas climbing up Mount Everest, and get to know the astronauts who dared to fly into space. Explore the World shines a light on the people that made these adventures possible with their knowledge of land and language, and tells the stories of teamwork, bravery and curiosity.

56 pages. Hardcover.