It is not uncommon to be surrounded by many of Los Angeles' finest sushi chefs when dining in Yakitoria, chef Sakamaki Toshi's world-famous yakitori restaurant. Chicken Genius pays tribute to the care with which Toshi makes his unique yakitori.

This stunning cookbook/coffee table book hybrid includes simple recipes from the restaurant, as well as advanced techniques for butchering and skewering a chicken the artisan way. With an introduction by Nobu Matsuhisa, Chicken Genius sets the standard in any language as a reference encyclopedia to this classic Japanese cuisine. Kanpai!

212 pages. Hardcover

About the Author:

In 2014, Bernard Radfar moved to West Los Angeles for one reason: to be closer to Toshi Sakamaki and his incredible Yakitori restaurant. He is joined by another Toshi fan: Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who provides a glowing introduction to this beautiful book.