Kaweco AL Sport Fine Nib Fountain Pen

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The Kaweco AL Sport Fine Nib Fountain Pen is as much a pleasure to write with as it is to hold, making it an excellent gift to the self or colleague.


  • Handsome matte finish aluminum body
  • Iridium fine tip stainless steel nib
  • Includes standard blue ink cartridge and tin case
  • Measures 4.2" (10.8cm) closed, 5.1" (13cm) open; 0.5" diameter (1.27cm)
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Designed in the 1930s for "ladies, officers, soldiers and sportsmen" with the goal of having a pen that could be carried easily without a dress pocket, the classic look of Kaweco Sport is irresistible. Kaweco is one of the oldest pen brands in the world, founded in 1883 in Nuremburg and still there today.

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