An analog classic redesigned for the digital age, the FLIP Alarm Clock offers a wake-up call with a playful touch. When it’s time to start the day, just flip the clock over to turn off the alarm– no smashing the snooze button required. Its handheld size makes for a wonderful (and punctual) travel companion.

  • A bright shade of white
  • Measures 3.3” long x 2” high x 0.9“ wide
  • Weighs 4.1oz
  • Rubber, LCD display screen, touch sensor light
  • Power supply: 2AAA batteries (included)

Designed by Adrian and Jeremy Wright (of DesignWright) for Lexon, a French design firm known for its international collaborations. With a background in engineering, DesignWright offers a simplified take on common objects that are both highly efficient and pleasing to the eye.