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Tomoe River Cream Letter Pads

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These letter pads are fitted with cream color Tomoe River paper, a top shelf paper renowned for its smooth texture and signature thinness. Don't be fooled by the weightless fine pages—this paper lets the luster of your inks shine, and is strikethrough and bleed resistant for an enjoyable writing experience. 

Some inks may have a longer drying time than usual on Tomoe River paper, but many attest that the wait is worthwhile to experience the full potential of your favorite inks. 

Of course, feel free to enjoy using this paper with your favorite ballpoint pen or pencil, too.

Choose from A5 or A4 sizes. 


  • 100 sheets 
  • 52g/m2 blank cream paper, bound as a letter pad
  • Each sheet bears the watermark of Tomoe River's logo
  • A5 size measures 5.83" x 8.27" (148 x 210mm)
  • A4 size measures 8.27" x 11.69" (210 x 297mm)

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