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Yamamoto Fountain Pen Paper Collection

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A perfect gift for fountain pen collectors, the Yamamoto Fountain Pen Collection brings together 19 different types of paper in one handy pad. Each section includes five sheets of paper, preceeded by an introductory page in Japanese and English narrating the history, origin, and use of each type of paper. Enjoy the differences in texture, play around with your favorite nibs and inks, and, of course, practice your calligraphy. This pad is an essential addition to your fountain pen arsenal and a reminder that there's intention behind even something as ordinary as a sheet of paper. 

This pad includes 18 different types of paper, including: 

  • THIN PAPER by KOKUYO (52 gsm)
  • Tomoe River (52 gsm)
  • New Chiffon Cream (75 gsm)
  • Cosmo Air Light (75 gsm)
  • 35NFC (35 gsm)
  • Glassine (30.5 gsm)
  • Kin Kaku Den Super White
  • YAMAMOTO Bank Paper (48.2gsm)
  • Spica Bond (49 gsm)
  • Champion Copy (35 gsm)
  • Typewriter Paper (27.9 gsm)
  • Air Mail Bond White (61.7 gsm)
  • Passepied Cream (66.3 gsm)
  • Eastory (64 gsm)
  • OK Fools (81.4 gsm)
  • b7-Tranext (75 gsm)
  • b7-Bulky (70gsm)


  • A4 size pad, measures 11.7" x 8.3" 
  • 19 types of paper, 5 sheets per paper type, 90 sheets total
  • Made in Japan

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