The perfumed night light King of Leather celebrates in supple leather & rich cigar tobacco. This king is balanced and not overpowering. Featuring geranium essential oil, tobacco and rum extract.

Inspired by antique perfume, born within the walls of Egyptian temples, this collection is an ode to scents to burn. Make a wish, light a scented night light and let yourself be transported by its sacred scent into a magical place beyond time and space.

7.76 oz. 

100% natural wax and pure cotton wick. Kerzon scented candles are carefully crafted as a perfect match between a natural biodegradable wax, a wick of pure woven cotton, and a subtle fragrance composed from a selection of high quality raw materials.

Kerzon is a Paris-based family adventure, a beautiful complicity between two brothers, Etienne and Pierre-Alexis. Inspired by the fragrances of their family home, the creative duo has combined olfactory sensations, memories from travel, and a passion for craftsmanship to develop natural care products for the home, the linens, and the body.

Each collection is conceived with quality natural ingredients and engages environmentally conscious French production without any animal testing. Composed in Grasse by one of France’s oldest living heritage companies, the scents are the heart of their collections, designed with their passion for inspiring stories and the patience of its craftsmen.