Ippodo Gyokuro One-Cup Tea Bags

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Compared to ordinary green teas, the discerning gyokuro is shade-grown, resulting in a theanine-rich leaf that yields a full-bodied, mellow sweetness with a slightly dense nature. This harmonious marriage of flavors is known as umami. Generally, the higher the grade of tea leaf, the richer the umami.

While many teas are served hot and consumed quickly, gyokuro’s refined taste is meant to be savored. Its typical serving is a delicate third of a cup, brewed at a very comfortable 60 degrees Celsius.

Take your time and enjoy a delicious cup of gyokuro with these easy, aromatic tea bags from Ippodo. To draw out gyokuro’s rich umami taste, steep a teabag for one and a half minutes in a cup of hot water (boil water and let it cool for a minute), until it reaches the desired strength. Savor mindfully.


  • Box contains 12 tea bags
  • Box measures 3.9” wide x 6.5” long
  • 2 grams per bag
  • Shelf life is 150 days

Ippodo Tea is a family-run Japanese tea company founded in 1717 in the heart of Kyoto. For generations, they have upheld a tradition of aromatic, well-balanced teas by carefully selecting, blending, and crafting each of their 40+ blends.