Ippodo Hosen Sencha Tea Tin with Box

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A premium sencha blend from Ippodo, Hosen is an excellent choice for the tea drinker who appreciates a refined, well-balanced green tea. Its subtle sweetness, elegant fragrance, and fresh aftertaste make a delightful cup for newcomers and seasoned tea drinkers alike.

Savor this rich sencha in the morning or afternoon to revitalize your mind and refresh your spirit. The beautifully decorated tin makes perparing a simple pot of tea feel like a special ritual.


  • 100 grams
  • 10 grams per serving (1 pot)
  • Tin measures 4.9” high x 2.5” diameter
  • Shelf life is 180 days

Ippodo Tea is a family-run Japanese tea company founded in 1717 in the heart of Kyoto. For generations, they have upheld a tradition of aromatic, well-balanced teas by carefully selecting, blending, and crafting each of their 40+ blends.