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ONYX Peppermint Yerba Mate Tea Bags

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This crisp, light botanical tea is a blend designed to soothe and energize at the same time. Green leaves from the yerba mate plant, a caffeine-rich evergreen tree in the holly family, are dried over a fire and then blended with organic peppermint leaves to produce a refreshing sweetness that coats the tongue with each calming sip.

Yerba mate is a traditional drink in Latin and South America with indigenous roots traced back to the Guaraní and Tupí peoples in Paraguay. The yerba mate in this blend is grown in Brazil, where cultivators are also known as ervateiros in Brazilian Portuguese. The yerba mate, leaves of the Ilex paraguariensis tree, naturally contain caffeine, but with these pre-dosed tea sachets, the caffeine content is less than a cup of brewed coffee. We find that the natural vegetal flavor of yerba mate paired with peppermint leaves creates a balanced and refreshing cup of tea.

15 sachets.

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