Ippodo Uji-shimizu Matcha Sticks

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Uji-shimizu is Ippodo's instant in-house blend of matcha and sugar. Try it hot or cold over ice, for a sweeter drink. Includes 12 sticks.

Single Serve

Uji-Shimizu Sticks are a new, convenient form of Ippodo's popular Uji-Shimizu product, a matcha powder sweetened with granulated sugar. Ippodo conceived of this new stick form in response to customer requests for a single-serving version of this delicious drink. Each stick holds one serving's worth of refreshing Uji-Shimizu matcha.

One stick contains 15 grams of Uji-Shimizu matcha, which can be enjoyed simply by mixing it with about 150 ml of hot or cold milk or water. When mixed with milk, the matcha mellows milk's distinctive aroma, creating a mild beverage that is very easy to drink. Prepared with hot milk, it imparts the relaxing feeling you get when drinking tea with milk and sugar.


To bring out the flavor of matcha, we recommend using hot or cold water, instead of milk. We also recommend trying it with yogurt, using it as a flavorful topping as an alternative to sugar.

Delicious whether served hot or cold, Uji-Shimizu can be enjoyed throughout the year, regardless of the season.

These very portable sticks allow you to enjoy Uji-Shimizu wherever and whenever you want. Stick them in your bag and take them with you on the go. Pass them around when you meet up with friends and let everyone enjoy this refreshing drink.