Koichiro Kimura

Koichiro Kimura's work is part of his continued pursuit to create art and design pieces that express the evolved relationship between man and object. He comes from a family with a 400-year history of producing traditional Japanese housewares. Kimura brings such traditional techniques together with "high technology" to create works which can be seen at leading shops, businesses, and museums globally.

Made in the traditional method, each piece of Kimura's lacquerware takes repeated application of hard-drying urushi glaze to a wood base, where each layer must dry before the next can be applied. For certain colors and hues this process must be repeated a painstaking number of times. The result is a flawless, lightweight object you almost can't believe has been made entirely by hand.

Kimura's avant-garde lacquerware has been featured in Wallpaper* and Surface contemporary design magazines and collaborations with such brands as Gucci and Meissen as well.

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