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Look At The Sky Stickers by Beepy Bella x Monanbear

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Sticker collectors, watch out. miniSUPER Sticker Club's designs are overwhelmingly good. Adorn your most prized possessions with these babies. Slip them in care packages. Tuck them safely away in a special box just for your sticker collection.



  • This is a single sticker sheet.
  • Holographic glossy vinyl
  • Measures 4.1" x 5.8" (10.5 x 12.1cm)
  • Printed in Korea

miniSUPER Sticker Club While giving artists an opportunity to explore their creativity & extend their reach, miniSUPER brings that creativity into our daily lives with thoughtfully designed products like stickers. Established in 2018 by Justin Wallis a.k.a. MILKBBI (US based artist, miniSUPER member & sticker collector).

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