noritake RAIN Notebook

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Japanese illustrator noritake says:

"Light blue notebook "RAIN" with a motif of rain. Turning the first page, a piece of paper with the poem "Rain" printed by French poet Francis Ponju (translated by Koichi Abe) is sandwiched. As you turn over the pages, you will see a light blue paper with nothing written on it. Finally, a line showing rain appears. "RAIN" is an extension of the image of Ponju's book "Monogata no Mikata" (Shichosha), which Noritake has been reading for several years, and the poem "Ame" at the beginning of it." 

Measures: 5.8" x 8.2" x 0.6" (148mm x 210mm x 16 mm)

440 pages, blank