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The Pelican series notebook is for memory keeping. With 12 sheets of kraft paper and transparent sheets attached, you can easily slip your instax photos, standard photos, or postcards into each pocket. Use this volume as a notebook by writing with an oil-based marker or pen in the margin. 

The cover is inscribed with the imprint of a pelican, symbolizing the properties of the paper within.

A5 Slim: 8.58" x 5.1" x .7" (H218 x W130 x D18mm)

B6: 5.1" x 7.6" x .7" (H130 x W193 x D18mm)

SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK series is a hand-bound notebook consisting of a durable resin-containing cover and a range of different paper types: white paper for comfortable writing, roughly textured Kraft paper, paper pockets, window envelopes, watercolor paper and file. After the process of cutting, holing and stamping, the rings are attached to the notebook one by one by a limited number of experienced craftsmen. 

TRAVELER'S COMPANY parent company, Designphil, produces this series in their Nagareyama Factory, located in a quiet neighborhood that is 40 km away from downtown Tokyo. This factory has been making notebooks for over fifty years. 

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