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MD Sticky Memo Pad Grid

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A memo pad that makes writing a pleasure.

While notebooks are for writing down a series of thoughts, memo pads are for those pieces of information we definitely can't forget. Enter the MD Sticky Memo Pad. This pad complements the MD Notebook so that you can enjoy the writing comfort of MD PAPER all the time.

The MD Sticky Memo Pad features gridded sheets for writing lists or daily doodles. MD Sticky Memo Pad has plenty of sheets (80 in the A7 size and 60 in the A6 size) so that you’ve always got a place to write down your ideas no matter when inspiration strikes.

The memo pad around 5mm smaller than the pages of the MD Notebook, so that you can add sheets to the MD Notebook.

Choose from an A6 notebook size (4" x 5.5") or a vertical memo A7 size (2.9" x 4").

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