Orenz 0.2mm Mechanical Pencil

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Did you ever expect that a mechanical pencil would produce a writing experience nearly as smooth as a gel pen? The Orenz mechanical pencil introduces a design innovation that allows you to write in smooth, clear, uninterrupted lines. 

Normally, mechanical pencils require you to extend the lead past the barrel tip. The lead has a tendency to break if pressed too hard, and when it gets low you experience a scratchy sensation from the barrel tip hitting the paper. These types of issues don't happen with the Orenz. It features a rounded barrel tip that protects the entire length of the lead as you write. While it may appear as if no lead is even out to write with, somehow you get an exquisitely smooth writing experience.

Less clicking. Less scratchy feeling. And with a 0.2mm lead you can produce crisp, thin lines, well-suited for detail-oriented notation.

Lead refill (sold separately) includes 10 pieces of B hardness graphite.