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Swingcut Scissors

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These clever scissors are ergonomically designed with off-center pivot points, allowing the user to cut through tough surfaces with minimal effort. Additionally, the upper handle of the scissors acts as a separator to push back the paper you've already cut. The blades feature a different coating agent depending on your functional preferences: simple all-purpose stainless steel blades (Standard), non-stick fluorine for cutting through tape or labels (Fluorine), ultra-durable, heavy-duty titanium for cutting through cardboard boxes (Titanium).

Each pair is fitted with soft elastometer-padded handles for a comfortable grip and is suitable for left or right-handed types. A simple but ingenious take on an everyday essential.

Choose from Standard, Fluorine, or Titanium coated styles. Sold separately. 

Winner of the 2014 Good Design Award for Functionality. 

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