the interior of Select Shop 215, located at 41 S 3rd Street, Old City, Philadelphia

About twice the size of its sister store and located among Old City's stellar boutique shopping scene, SELECT SHOP 215 expands Omoi's philosophy of thoughtful, useful goods for everyday life by introducing a more indulgent selection of must-have items for personal style and home comfort.

Opened on Black Friday this past holiday season, we hope you'll visit regularly as we settle in to the neighborhood. Look forward to upcoming offerings of home textiles, coffee and kitchen ware, jewelry and fragrance, accessories, and new additions to our expertly curated stationery assortment.

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41 S 3rd STREET

11 – 7PM Weekdays & Saturdays
12 – 6PM Sundays


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Natural Home Hinoki Freshening Spray Palmarosa

$ 24.00

Summer Solstice Candle

$ 32.00

Winter Solstice Candle

$ 32.00

Tools of Liberation Pre-Shave Oil

$ 20.00

Tools of Liberation Aftershave Splash

$ 18.00

Tools of Liberation Eye Rehab Serum

$ 28.00

Tools of Liberation Anti-Aging Facial Oil

$ 44.00

Natural Home Hinoki Freshening Spray Eucalyptus

$ 24.00

White Sage Smudge Spray

$ 20.00

Yoga Mat Refresh Spray

$ 22.00

Sea Salt Spray

$ 28.00

Ground Meditation Spray

$ 32.00

Uplift Meditation Spray

$ 32.00

Psychic Dream Spray

$ 20.00

Energy Candle

$ 20.00

Money Candle

$ 20.00

Good Thing General Bucket Beech

$ 32.00

Good Thing General Bowl Mint

$ 38.00

Good Thing Gather Vase

From $ 20.00 - $ 32.00

Good Thing General Tray Beech

$ 42.00

Good Thing General Bucket Mint

$ 32.00

Good Thing General Tray Mint

$ 42.00

Good Thing Slim Bookend

$ 16.00

Good Thing Utility Pocket Mirror

$ 26.00

KINTO Slow Coffee Style Carafe Set 600mL

$ 62.00

KINTO Slow Coffee Style Coffee Jug Set 600mL

$ 68.00

KINTO Slow Coffee Style Nonslip Tray

$ 34.00

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