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STÁLOGY 007 Thin Sticky Notes

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What should have been, is. 

Available in 12 different colors, these sticky tabs make classifying easy. Can't you see yourself sprucing up your documents/lease/contract/summer reading with them? What a treat. The large adhesive area prevents notes from falling off surfaces, while the sturdy film is tear-free and long-lasting. A satisfying, high-quality essential. 

  • 12 colors
  • 10 notes per color. Total of 120 notes per pack.
  • Each tab is 7.5 mm wide
  • Made in Japan 

By STÁLOGY, a stationery design collaboration between Nitto Group and Manabu Muzno, a leading creative director in Japan—endeavoring to create stationery with good design and function at a reasonable price, improving the "standard" level of stationery.

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