A whimsical 6-color assorted clip in a clover shape. Its texture is like a Smarties candy, yet it clamps paper tightly just by sliding, and makes a useful little decoration on bookmarks and message cards. About 10 sheets of paper can be fastened at a time, and once they've been well used, they can be disposed of as paper recycling as well.

These clips are made of a synthetic paper resin known as "MAPKA," which is classified as a paper product by blending 51% paper and 49% polypropylene. Hence the name "P-51."

Each package contains 18 pieces (6 colors × 3 pieces) measuring 0.4" x 0.7-0.8" x 0.2" (10.5 x 18-20 x 5.5mm).

Please Note: These are not candy or edible! So please be mindful of who you leave them around.