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How to Be a Rule-Breaking Letterer

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As a schoolgirl in Vietnam and later in online lettering classes, Huyen Dinh was always told to perfect her penmanship. Instead, she started embracing her own imperfect style--with squiggly lines, cheeky messages, and pastel colors. This book is for anyone who's felt the pressure of perfection.

In this upbeat guidebook, Dinh walks you through the basic rules of lettering and then teaches you how to break them in clever and creative ways. She shares challenges and triumphs from her own artistic journey and offers inspiration as well as technical tips. You can use your new lettering skills to tell your personal story, support a cause you care about, or decorate your tote bags and sneakers! Fully illustrated in Dinh's signature pastel palette, this book is the perfect companion for any aspiring creative.

This fresh and fun guide includes:

  • Affirmations for a positive mindset
  • Lettering language 101
  • A step-by-step guide from brainstorming to finished art
  • Inspiration for telling your story through lettering
  • Fun DIY projects with how-to instructions
  • And much more

168 pages. Paperback. 

About the Author

Huyen Dinhis a lettering and illustration artist. Her clients include Southern Living Magazine, the Washington Post, Canon, and Trader Joe's. She was raised in Vietnam and now lives in sunny Los Angeles.

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