Jugetsudo Zen A Tokyo Tea Assortment

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A selection of three classic green teas from Japanese tea house Jugetsudo. The Zen A Tokyo collection includes three palettes: Sakura Cha (green tea with dehydrated cherry blossom petals), Yuzu Sencha with Matcha (green tea with yuzu, a Japanese citrus), and Organic Mecha (a rare kind of green tea made from the buds of the tea plant). The wide range of flavors lets you sample to your heart's desire without having to choose.  

Each tin includes 20g of loose leaf tea leaves. The set comes wrapped in a ribbon, a perfect gift for the avid tea drinker, green tea enthusiast, or foodie in your life. 

Flavors Included: 

  • Sakura Cha (20g)
  • Yuzu Sencha (20g)
  • Organic Mecha (20g)

About Jugetsudo
The Japanese tea shop Jugetsudo was founded in 1980 by Maruyama Nori, a nori (dried seaweed) merchant. The word jugetsudo can be understood as “the place from where one looks at the moon.” When we look at the moon, we become humble and truly appreciate its eternal beauty. The Jugetsudo tea house offers the bounty of nature through their high-quality tea. More than 160 years of tradition and experience pursuing the highest quality ingredients promise not just a wonderful cup of tea, but also an enjoyable fragrance and a comforting, warm feeling.