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MilK Decoration N°43

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A quintessential guide to interior decor, lifestyle and art.

MilK Decoration magazine wants to inspire a new generation of contemporary, urban families with features in the matters of decor, design and lifestyle. Released six times a year, the magazine presents you with the very latest trends, that are taking over the world of home decor design. 

This issue features the audacious chords and eccentric style of Julius Vaernes Iversen, founder of the Tableau gallery in Copenhagen. Also inside: a concrete palace hidden in the heart of the Mexican forest by HW STUDIO Arquitectos, a sixties bubble house decorated by Dorothée Meilichzon, the interior with eclectic assemblies by the antique dealer-designer Pierre Bénard, the neo-Movida universe from the influential creative Blanca Miró Scrimieri, the textile works of the artist Adrian Pepe or the Caldas event at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery Paris.