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Seiun Amore Incense

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Seiun Amore incense is among the most beloved fragrances among both our customers and our staff. Though the exact scent profile is difficult to describe—a violet floral with subtle woodsy notes—it sets a bright, relaxed atmosphere that's impossible to forget. We love watching the thin ribbon of smoke wafting up through the air as we breathe in the scent of flowers in the mist.

Like all Nippon Koddo fragrances, Seiun Amore is made with a high concentration of charcoal, ensuring a slow burn with less smoke than other brands.

The iconic visual packaging features a symbolic blue cloud (a symbol of a bright future) floating over Mt. Fuji, Japan's highest peak. Aspire to greatness: light a stick for a grounding morning routine or to fuel a late night study session. Who knows? The smoke might just carry you over the finish line. 

Each box is packaged with an excerpt from Shuntaro Tanikawa's On Love, presented in both English and Japanese. 

  • Includes 340 sticks
  • Burn time: approximately 25 minutes
  • Made in Japan

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