Yamamoto Paper Yellow Paper Tasting Notepad Set

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Find your pen friendly paper

“Japanese notebooks are pen friendly and there are so many types of paper. I want to get more knowledge about them.”

This product was born from such a conversation with a friend abroad. Paper Tasting is a test writing pad to enjoy writing comfort. Like wine tasting, you can try various kinds of paper and find your favorite pen friendly paper. Each notepad has 25 pages.

Each set is packaged with detailed paper descriptions and an impressive paper classification table so that you can know more deeply about paper made in Japan. Just like hearing a lot of knowledge from wine sommelier. 

Paper tasting Yellow Paper vol.1 includes:

B7 size : Kaguya

An embossed paper made to look like the surface of the moon. The name comes from Princess Kaguya, a fairytale character who ascends to the moon. It is used for pasting boxes, wrapping paper, and book bindings.

A6 size : Kony wrap

It is a kraft paper of abundant color variations. It is commonly used for envelopes, handbags, wrapping paper, and book of flyleafs.

B6 : Colored groundwood paper

Groundwood paper that is suitable for offset printing. It is widely used in magazines, office paper, and school paper. Because of its vibrant color, Kizara was particularly popular as newspaper inserts. Unfortunately the “Top Color” brand is no longer being manufactured.

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