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DUX Brass Adjustable Pencil Sharpener

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This adjustable pencil sharpener allows for three distinct levels of sharpness–from blunt to sharp–making it suitable for color, writing, and drawing pencils alike. The knurl attached to the end of the sharpener can be heard and felt clicking into place when it is turned, allowing the pencil to enter more or less deeply depending on the setting.

Made from heavy brass, this DUX pencil sharpener makes for an indispensable companion to a pencil case, and is a smart-looking gift as well. Comes in its own genuine leather case with snap. 

Replacing a dull blade is simple with an eyeglasses (or similar) screwdriver and replacement blade commonly found at art supply stores.

DUX is the oldest German brand for high-quality pencil sharpeners, established in 1908, and continuing production in Geretsried, Bavaria.