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Ferris Wheel Press Bottled Ink Bathurst Blue Denim

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Capturing the spirit of Toronto’s historic fashion district, Ferris Wheel Press’s newest collection channels the artistry of the world’s greatest couturiers and pays homage to the streets that make up Toronto’s historic fashion district.

Balthurst Denim is a blue ink inspired by Bathurst Street, an ever changing and diverse street that mimics denim’s universal appeal. Taking cues from the iconic “Canadian Tuxedo,” this rich and saturated blue ink is punctuated with sparkling silver throughout, much like a favorite pair of acid-washed jeans. 


  • 38mL
  • Water-based ink
  • Compatible with all fountain pens 
  • Includes gift box
  • Made in Toronto, Canada

Enter the magical world of Ferris Wheel Press. Here, inspiration strikes on the quick, shimmering inks sparkle like potions inside their glass bottles, and your fountain pen rushes to keep pace with your imagination. Located where the whir of the printing press meets the nostalgia of a fantasy carnival, Ferris Wheel Press’s beautiful inks are nothing short of magical. What are you waiting for? It's time to start writing.