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CAMEL 36 Color Pencil Set

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These unique square-shaped color pencils will add a noticeable polished flair to your art set up. Complete with a matte black finish, you’ll get a premium feel each time you use your newest pencil set.

36 color collection includes:

  • Red, Orange, Pink, Light Blue, White, Yellow
  • Yellow-Green, Purple, Blue, Black, Brown, Carmine
  • Vermillion, Gray, Pale Orange, Chrome Yellow, Ultramarine, Deep Green
  • Vandyke Brown, Magenta, Gold, Silver, Prussian Blue, Rose Red
  • Sky Blue, Lemon Yellow, Emerald Green, Mandarin Orange, Wistaria Violet, Lilac
  • Olive Green, Peacock Blue, Leaf Green, Reddish Brown

Box measures: 9.6” x 7.7” (245 ×186mm)

About Camel
Camel Pencil Company was founded in March 1939. They focus on producing quality writing utensils such as pencils, colored pencils, ballpoint pens, and more. You'll find that many of their products are vividly colored with clever packaging.