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ystudio Classic Revolve Mechanical Pencil

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ystudio's mechanical pencil is an exquisite tool for writing or drawing. Inspired by classic pencils, this handsome tool features a solid brass barrel in a hexagonal shape. A copper cap clicks down to release the lead while adding a subtle contrast to the design. 

The brass material provides a good balance and stability in your hands, and will age into a beautiful patina with age and use. A true eye-catcher and gift for all.


  • Material: Brass, copper
  • Measures: (9.7mm x 11mm x 144 mm)
  • Refills: Takes 0.7mm lead

Use & Care

The color of brass changes according to different users and various environments, yet this is also its unique feature. The oxide is harmless. Restore its original luster by wiping with brass polish. Without any surface treatment, ystudio hopes each product can maintain its individual marks by the constant use of the owner.

Please experience and enjoy this one-of-a-kind beauty of brass.