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OMOI's Recommended Short Trips Guide Chinatown Supplement

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A special Chinatown supplement to our Recommended Short Trips Guide. 

Chinatown is a bustling downtown neighborhood that we love to visit. Currently, developers are trying to build a basketball stadium in its midst, claiming it'll improve an area in decline. We who live, work, and go out here in Philly take their stadium plan as an outright insult. NO ARENA IN CHINATOWN. 

This Chinatown supplement to our Recommended Short Trips Guide features our favorites of Chinatown in all its vibrant, delicious, and lively splendor. Inside this supplement you'll find our top picks in the area for: 

  • Bakeries / Desserts
  • Small Eats / Street Food
  • Restaurants
  • Places to Shop
  • ...and much more!

Be advised that this list, sourced from our staff, originally had dozens of picks that we had to significantly cull through for space. Chinatown is a magical place with something for everyone's tastes and interests—we suggest using this guide as a starting point and wandering around the area, exploring the places that call out to you. 

Free with online purchase. We reserve the right to limit 1 per customer.

Or pick up your copy in-store today. Goes great with our Recommended Short Trip Guide and a fresh press of our TRAVELER’S COMPANY shop stamp.


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