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Omoi Zakka Shop has provided thoughtful, useful lifestyle items and gifts to the downtown Philadelphia area since 2006. We believe that your everyday objects should make you happy and invite frequent, loving use by virtue of their good design and personal appeal. 

We're a place that people come to when they need the perfect gift, something that isn't found at every chain store, that can be imbued with special sentiment. We're the 'I just got paid and want to treat myself' place. We're the spot where there's always something new in stock, be it for you, your friend, your home or office. We're glad you're here.

We recently opened a sister store in Old City, SELECT SHOP 215!

1608 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
on Pine Street at the intersection of 16th Street

Mondays 12PM to 7PM
Tuesdays through Saturdays 11AM to 7PM
Sundays 12PM to 6PM



The shop on Pine Street on a humid late July day

What does 'omoi' mean?

Pronounced like "oh boy", the first part of our name comes from the Japanese word (想い) loosely meaning “thoughts and ideas.” This word omoi is nuanced with feelings of hope, consideration, and sincerity. It's an "I've been thinking of you" kind of sentiment that's at the heart of every item you'll find here.


Gorgeous Japanese ceramics and enamelware for kitchen paired with herbal tea, and lush greens.

What is 'zakka'?

Zakka is a kind of mundane object imbued with tremendous personal appeal. Some zakka are designed to be that way from the start, and other zakka become that way because you love them. A clock, a bag, a pencil case, the mug you drink your tea from, the incense burner on your dresser. Zakka are things that become the necessary items in your day to day life. They make you feel happy about your space, your life, your look. Say it like "zah-kah." Nice.


Say thank you with style. We have just what you'll need.

Shop Staff

We are the people who answer the phone when you call. We carefully pack and gift wrap your orders. We follow your Pinterest. We take the photos, write the code, and track down the makers, producers, and artists of all the awesome stuff we get into the shop. We are a small crew. We do not have buying departments or models. It's all us, a small group of Philadelphians who get a kick out of sharing great things with the city they love. 

The Crew

Liz | Owner & Head Buyer

Maggie | Web Operations & Photography 

Meeme | Omoi Zakka Shop Manager

April | Shop Staff

Jess | Shop Staff

Bethany | Select Shop 215 Manager

Alixe | Shop Staff


Thoughtful, useful gifts and lifestyle supplies for you and yours. Handpicked from around the world.

Philadelphia's destination for the lifestyle journaling system, Midori Traveler's Note

Thoughtfully selected for you. Our selection of T-Lab Polé Polé handcarved paulownia wood animals!

views of our apothecary selection featuring Meow Meow Tweet

We stock a choice selection of the best Japanese fashion and lifestyle magazines, from Popeye, GRIND, VIKKA, Casa BRUTUS and more.

Gorgeous, highly collectible Kaweco writing tools at the shop

Ryo Takagi kirie-ya prints and playful daily use objects live in our back room.

Housewarming gifts and fun design goods for kitchen, home, and bath.

Catch up and send a thoughtful greeting card from our great hand-picked selection.

Our favorite Japanese and US made indulgences for bath and body, utilizing binchotan charcoal, Nordic herbs and more.

Omoi Zakka Shop means Thoughtful Useful Everyday Goods

Visit Omoi Zakka Shop at 1608 Pine Street in Philadelphia's gorgeous Rittenhouse neighborhood.

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