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Abacus Row Ba Fa Hoops

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In Chinese numerology, specific numbers are regarded as lucky because of their similar pronunciation to other words. The number eight (八, "bā" in Mandarin, "baat" in Cantonese) is considered an auspicious number for its homophonous qualities to 发 / 發 ("fā" in Mandarin; "baat" in Cantonese) which means "to obtain wealth." Featuring eight 14k gold beads, each Ba Fa Hoop acts as a small token of good fortune. Meticulously crafted by Abacus Row, an independent brand of refined and understated jewelry based out of San Francisco.

Make it a matching set with the Moon Sun Bracelet. 


  • 14k gold-filled hoops, 14k gold-filled beads
  • Each hoop measures 1" in diameter
  • Handmade in San Francisco

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