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Actually Curious Conversation Deck Culture Edition

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Tired of meaningless small talk? The Culture deck from Actually Curious is a fun, yet thoughtful conversation game you can play with literally anyone. It's perfect for game night, first dates, team ice breakers, dinner parties & family gatherings.

Containing the lightest and most approachable questions in the collection, the Culture Edition has 52 purple cards that are meant to be played as a warm-up to the Happy Hour or Curiosity Editions. With the Actually Curious Culture Edition, your game night will illuminate commonalities and find a middle-ground regardless of age, gender, background, or political affiliation.

52 cards.

Actually Curious is a conversation card game that uses the science and psychology of trust-building and emotional connection to bring people closer together. Each deck includes contributions and input from psychologists, journalists, crisis negotiators, game developers, culture creators, and industry experts to teach the tools of empathy through play.

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