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ADERIA Retro Candy Jar with Glass Lid Small Tulip

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A small cookie jar for keeping your sweets safe, as well as desk supplies, dog treats, tea bags, and other small items. The original glass tabletop jar ("ボンボン入れ(ミニ)") was a popular item in the Showa era in Japan (1950s-1970s) for storing candies and chocolates in the kitchen or office. 

This retro print features a tulip pattern originally issued in 1974, and, like all ADERIA glassware, comes with its own vintage style gift box.


  • Measures 3.89" x 2.83"
  • Approximately 12 fl. oz. capacity
  • Dishwasher safe

Classic, colorful, contemporary: ADERIA glassware is all this and more. Each piece is handmade in Japan with techniques 200 years in the making, from 1819 when Iwasaburo Ishizuka established his glass factory in Nagoya, to 1961 when they produced their first mass glass bottles. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern glassmaking methods, ADERIA glassware is a staple in our kitchen cabinets. We love them.

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