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Gone For Good
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Gone for Good

ALL CAPS STUDIO Ceramic Cap Incense Holder

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Hats off! This ceramic incense holder is the product of a collaboration between ALL CAPS Studio and Centerpeak Ceramics. Pair it with your favorite incense for a sunny pick-me-up any time you're feeling the least bit poorly.  

From ALL CAPS: "There's nothing like working with people that believe in your ideas and are willing to take some risks! It was so fun making these and we truly can't thank Centerpeak enough for helping bring this idea to life. It's crazy to be able to see this in your mind and then eventually have it exist in the real world. Blows me away every time!"

Couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

We are not going in circles...We are going upwards. 

ALL CAPS STUDIO is a Philly-based studio and multimedia concern showcasing the work of artist, photographer, and designer Saeed Ferguson. They often collaborate with their talented pals, and deal mostly in apparel, home objects, and good vibes. We love them.