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American Poetry Review May/Jun 2024 Vol. 53, No. 3

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  • May-June 2024 issue
  • Newspaper style format
  • Contemporary poetry and literary prose
  • In continuous publication since 1972!


  • Rafael Alberti: (Ten Poems translated by John Murillo): Paradise Lost • The Rancid Angels • The Ashen Angel • The Raging Angel • The Good Angel • The Two Angels • 5 • Hasty Angels • The Cruel Angels • The Angel Angel
  • Adrian Blevins: Heresy • Love Poem
  • Chris Campanioni: A Different History May Emerge: On Anthony Cody's The Rendering
  • Martha Collins: Learning Lines • Last One Up
  • ...and many more!

The world’s most exciting poetry-reading experience, The American Poetry Review is dedicated to reaching a worldwide audience with a diverse array of the best contemporary poetry and literary prose. APR also aims to expand the audience interested in poetry and literature, and to provide authors, especially poets, with a far-reaching forum in which to present their work.

The American Poetry Review has been in continuous publication since 1972 and has presented the work of over 8,000 writers. With a newspaper-like print format, it's an everyday poetry portal you can tuck under your arm and read on the go. 

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