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American Poetry Review Sep/Oct 2022 Vol 51, No. 5

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The American Poetry Review is dedicated to reaching a worldwide audience with a diverse array of the best contemporary poetry and literary prose. APR also aims to expand the audience interested in poetry and literature, and to provide authors, especially poets, with a far-reaching forum in which to present their work.

The American Poetry Review has been in continuous publication since 1972 and has presented the work of over 8,000 writers. With a newspaper-like print format, it's an everyday poetry portal you can tuck under your arm and read on the go.

In This Issue:

  • Kaveh Akbar: On Constellation Route: A conversation with Matthew Olzmann
  • Sarah Ghazal Ali: Apotheosis
  • Beth Bachmann: After the Masquerade • Cardinal Sonnet • Red
  • Amy Beeder: Daniel Defoe, Hosiery Merchant • First Hen • Rounde as any ball or sphere
  • Grady Chambers: Saint End • A Line
  • Victoria Chang: Gratitude, 2001 • Untitled #5, 1998 • Friendship, 1963 • Untitled #9, 1981 • The Beach, 1964
  • Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach: Week 10: Kumquat
  • Oliver De La Paz: Diaspora Sonnets: Diaspora Sonnet 26 • Diaspora Sonnet 27 • Diaspora Sonnet 36 • Diaspora Sonnet 37 • Diaspora Sonnet 38
  • Julie R. Enszer: Denial
  • Camonghne Felix: Then, A Longing
  • Eve Grubin: The Laws • The Garden of Earthly Delights
  • Chelsea Harlan: The Long Blue Dress • Bobby Boris Pickett • Miracle-Gro • Here and There
  • Rage Hezekiah: Gratitude
  • Brendan Lorber: At first these poems were their own • The plan for these sonnets • Annoyance at daylight savings • My negligence is very refined • In the wind where the answer's twisting
  • Fleming Meeks: Forever in a Changing Light: On Ciaran Carson's Still Life
  • Christopher Brean Murray: The White Sands Motel • Remnant Showroom • Crimes of the Future
  • Susan Nguyen: Impossible Deer
  • Robert Pinsky: Idolatry from Jersey Breaks: Becoming an American Poet 
  • Kevin Prufer: Election Night • W. H. Auden's Poem "The Fall of Rome"
  • Daniel Swain: Top Form: A review of Wayne Koestenbaum's Ultramarine 
  • Brian Tierney: Time and Tide
  • Angela Voras-Hills: Into the Oblivion of Motherhood: Kendra DeColo's I Am Not Trying to Hide My Hungers from the World